I had my own vision of what I wanted the monument to look like and you made it a reality!

Hi Tammy,
I wanted to let you know that I received the photograph of the finished monument in the mail today.  I am so pleased with the final result!  Thank you so much for sending the photograph after the monument was set.  It is remarkable to see your conceptual drawing attached to this original email, and then the picture from the cemetery plots with the final product!  I had my own vision of what I wanted the monument to look like and you made it a reality!  It seemed an especially daunting challenge for me, since I was trying to do it from Arizona and could not just drive over to discuss details with you.  Speaking only for myself, those of us living out of state sincerely appreciate the care and concern, along with the attention to detail, that you have shown.  Even the seemingly smallest detail of mentioning the option of a hummingbird, pictured on the J.W. Reynolds website, proved to be a critical detail in my final decision making process as to the design.  Both of my parents loved nature, and I loved the idea of a humming bird and a butterfly to appropriately symbolize each of them!  Had you not taken the time to follow up with me with a telephone call to Arizona, three years after my initial inquiry when both of my parents passed within three weeks of each other, I am certain that their graves would remain unmarked.
It was very difficult, on an emotional level, to go forward with making this happen when my brother dropped the ball.  I am certain that our family is not unique in this instance.  You convinced me from the first telephone call that there was a sense of urgency, because we had already put off the decision for three years, and the price of a monument was not going to go down with every year we waited.  Thank you for hanging in there with me through all of the decisions. and sketches and re-sketches, not to mention the times my fax machine was not working or I put it through upside down!  
You were always a true professional, with the personal touch of a home town neighbor who cares about the Souls we are honoring.  Our parents would have been very pleased with the result, and now I feel that I have honored their memory as their only daughter.  I encourage other daughters to take up the helm with a peaceful heart, should their siblings not move forward as promised.  You are in safe hands with Tammy Poynor at J.W. Reynolds!
I am not sure who your supervisor is, but please forward this email to that person with my permission to use all or some of my personal testimony of my experience with you.  You were a wonderful representative for the J.W. Reynolds Monument Company and you made it a pleasure doing business in Benton.  AND....you said if I moved forward on securing the contract at the time of our first telephone call, you were hopeful the monument would be set at the cemetery by Memorial Day.  Today is Tuesday, May 30, and your cover letter was dated May 26, so you did it!!  Since my folks passed away three years ago at the first of April and May, my personal goal was to have this behind me by Memorial Day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  In my walk of grief, this means that I can now move forward with my own life. Bless you! 
Sincerely, Susan Clark - Surprise, Arizona

it took me to my knees when I first saw it!

I am out of shock, like I was last year; and overall I think I have more peace at times.  Thank you for asking about me, and thank you for the wonderful job you did on Monica's monument, it took me to my knees when I first saw it!


The boulder was perfect and I mean perfect!

The boulder was perfect and I mean perfect!  Please give my thanks to the 3 men who were kind enough to dig way deeper then they planned to through the roots.  I want to send them a personal thank you.

Sara Tooley

...your company and staff devoted not only the time and resources but, notably, the skill and experience...

To the Managernent and Staffof J.W. Reynolds Monuments:

When earlier this year Progress Cemetery-an orphaned cemetery within Union County-was vandalized, all of us who serve on the Board of Commissioners were disappointed by this senseless, heartless act. County Engineer Kevin Grammer and some of his staff offered to perform the repairs themselves along with our coroner on a voluntary basis.  

That disappointment we had experienced was quickly overcome when we learned your company had volunteered to repair the damage to that Progress Cemetery at no charge to the County.

One of the things that we believe makes Union County special is the way that individuals and businesses are so often willing to step up to meet a comrnunity need. In this case, your company and staff devoted not only the time and resources but, notably, the skill and experience required to perform these delicate repairs!

On behalf of the residents of Union County, we, the Union County Board of Commissioners, thank you for your kindness, your service and most of all for the example you've set.

Don Denny - Union County Board of Commissioners

Thank you...

Thank you for all your help and kindness.

Kathy Jackson

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